Unity Circles

Strength in Unity.

Unity Circles uses North American Indigenous circle philosophy and restorative justice practices to cultivate relationships and promote inclusion, peace and unity in schools.

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Who We Are

Unity Circles is a social and emotional development program for middle school youth led by trained staff. We use age-appropriate, research-based programs to nurture positive relationships and reduce conflict in school communities.

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Facts & Figures:

Based off  of North American Indigenous traditions and Southern African Ubuntu philosophy, Unity Circles believes that all people are inherently interconnected; that through this connection we can heal and transform to become our best selves.

Our circle models and interventions are designed from evidence-based principles and practices, incorporating cultural responsivity, strength-based approaches and trauma-responsive practices.



middle school students

Unity Circles has served over 700 middle school students in the Greater Boston Area. Our focus on North American Indigenous circles and restorative justice principles sets us apart from traditional behavioral programs.


our program's birth year

For six years we have empowered middle school students and staff by cultivating positive student-teacher relationships, reducing in-school conflict and improving classroom behavior.


2019 fundraiser goal

Unity Circles is successful thanks to the generosity of volunteers, interns and donations. With 25 volunteers to-date, we kicked off 2019 raising $500 toward our $15,000 goal to expand Unity Circles programs. Donate here.


Get Involved

Unity Circles has grown organically for six years, with hours of volunteering and out-of-pocket supplies and expenses. As this movement flourishes to serve more youth, we need your help to support and sustain its growth.

Help us reach this year's goal of raising $15,000 to develop a unique curriculum; support the healing and transformation of young women suffering from complex trauma; pay qualified volunteers for their contributions; and expand our reach to deserving youth in need. 


Help us reach our annual goal of $10,000 to support and expand Unity Circles.


We work directly with Universities to select student volunteers. 

Spread the word

Spread the word about Unity Circles and be a part of making change.

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